Sturtevant, WI (May 4, 2012) – Andis Company has introduced limited editions of two products for groomers to commemorate the company’s ninety years of operation: the special edition 90th Anniversary UltraEdge™ Clipper and UltraEdge™ #10 Blade which features an engraved 90th Anniversary logo. Both items come in special Andis 90th Anniversary packaging. The #10 blade is also available as part of a 5-piece set of popular blades, called the Blade Packup.

“The original technology for our modern UltraEdge Clipper can be traced to my great-grandfather’s first model,” notes Matthew K. Andis, president of Andis Company. “We have made many improvements, of course, and groomers love its power and performance. Andis clippers are especially popular among groomers because they are so quiet, which helps keep animals calm during the clipping process.”

The UltraEdge Clipper has two speeds and runs at up to 4,400 strokes per minute. Its sealed motor is powerful, yet quiet, and can cut through even thick, matted hair. The motor runs so cool that fans and air vents, which can become clogged with hair, are not needed. Developed for professional use, the clipper has detachable blades for easy changing and cleaning.

Its break resistant housing also withstands harsh chemicals. Designed to last for years, the clipper is maintenance free and requires no oil or greasing of internal parts. It has a 14’ heavy duty cord and a locking switch, so it won’t accidentally turn off. The clipper is made in the U.S.A. and comes with a one year warranty.

The UltraEdge Clipper is compatible with all Andis UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades, as well as most other detachable blades. The blades are chrome plated to resist rust, and carburized, an exclusive hardening process, which adds carbon to the cutting edge, so they’re harder and stay sharper longer. The size 10 UltraEdge blade has a 1/16” blade cut (1.5 mm) that’s perfect for the underbelly, terrier ears, and poodle faces.

Production of the company’s first clipper began in the basement of the Andis family home. American barbers quickly embraced it, and the manufacturing facility relocated into an industrial building. Today, Andis has over 400 employees at its 160,000 square foot facility in Sturtevant, Wisconsin.

The fourth generation of the Andis family is now in charge of operations. Matthew K. Andis is president and shares the responsibility of guiding the company with his two siblings. Marcia Andis, senior vice president, market development, and Laura Andis Bishop, senior vice president, finance. Matthew L. Andis, their father, still serves as chairman.

Andis continues to grow globally. Almost 80 ears ago, Andis introduced its products to Europe, and they are now available in 90 countries around the world.

About Andis Company

Andis Company, a family held business founded in 1922, is a leading manufacturer of handheld tools to trim, cut, curl, straighten and dry hair. The company’s products are purchased worldwide by stylists and barbers, consumers, hotels, motels, resorts, small animal groomers and large animal groomers and shearers. To find a local distributor, call the company at 800-558-9441 or visit their Web site at