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Poodle Feet

by Admin 6. November 2012 11:52

When shaving a poodle foot, the easiest way to start your pattern is to start under the foot. After shaving the pads, find the crescent shape at the back of the large pad and clip that area out being careful not to clip higher than the ends of the crescent. Next, shave the front of the foot, you will see the line on the back of the foot, you will want to follow this line all the way around to the front. Then shave between the toes and you poodle foot is complete.


Reversing the blade on the foot and around the nail bed is a must for clean feet!

Manipulate the toes under the foot by pushing your fingers up between them to spread them apart, doing this will open them up and you will get them cleaner.

If you have a lighter colored, red or apricot pet poodle, use a 10 or 15 blade on their feet. They have very sensitive skin and tend to clipper burn easily. For dark poodles, a 15 or 30 will work well.

Kendra Otto

Pet Grooming Advocate


Small Animal

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