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  1. 26Spin them – Use your chair to work your way around the client.
  2. 27Square up – use square blade trimmers in tighter areas where a T blade would be too big.
  3. 28Trim early – Trim and edge the hair cut in the middle of the cut, not the end. Haircuts will look more finished sooner and save cutting time.
  4. 29Guard your guard – When cutting with snap-on guide combs keep a finger on the corner of the guard for safety and security
  5. 30Work down – use linger guide combs first and work down the head to smaller sizes to prevent lines and steps in your haircuts.
  6. 31Taper the edge – Use the adjustable blade tapering lever to subtly taper the bottom edge of classic guy’s haircuts.
  7. 32Layer the top first – Removing excess length form the top of the head makes blending easier.
  8. 33Work at an angle – Clipper up the sides and back at an angle – vertical strokes leaves streaks, angles blend better.
  9. 34“T” off – A T blade trimmer makes haircut lines and edges easier to groom.
  10. 35Go small – Use a smaller comb when you switch to a trimmer – small tools work best together.
  11. 36Work cordless – cordless trimmers are smaller and lighter. Freedom from cords makes trimming easier.
  12. 37Work higher – Pump up your styling chair to get an eye-level look at the haircut. See better = cut better.
  13. 38Square the corners – Guy’s haircuts look better with squarer corners at the back. Avoid rounding off this key corner.