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San Antonio, TX

My Story

Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth Torres sees every groom as an opportunity to make a dog's day better. She knows the act of grooming is not about the groomer, but the animal and its safety, comfort and enjoyment. Throughout her 18-year career, Elizabeth has continued to be an avid learner, taking inspiration from her creative community on her journey towards mastery.

Orcas Island, WA

My Shop / Salon

Brittany’s Story

Brittany Johnson continually reinvents herself and her business to meet the needs of each moment. When 2020 disrupted her plans to begin a house call grooming service, she showcased her creativity, pivoting to create a beautiful outdoor experience for pets and their owners. This garden grooming venture brought her into contact with a couple also involved with the dog community. A friendship blossomed and reminded Brittany of the impact she can create through her grooms and her love of pets.

Scranton , PA

My Story

Juanita’s Story

Juanita Harris meets challenges head-on. Losing her job just days after finding out she was pregnant for the first time, Juanita persisted through the difficult and emotional time. It proved to be a minor setback for a big comeback. Since then, she has built a ten-year grooming career, finding purpose, inspiration and community through give-back charity grooming tours.

Mystic, CT

My Creation / My Style

Jilly’s Story

English teacher Jilly Mucciarone found herself vaulted into a new career when she became determined to perfect the bathing and grooming experience for her German Shepard, Roo. She set up her own shop and rapidly evolved into a creative and entrepreneurial force. Always learning, improving, and perfecting new business and grooming skills, she provides a high quality experience for pets and their owners. She is humbled by the trust and confidence dog owners show her on a daily basis.

Robbinsdale, MN

My Favorite Andis Tool

Sophie’s Story

On the search for a new go-to tool, Sophie Rebehn came across the Pulse ZRII. A powerful and reliable tool, the Pulse ZRII will always have a place in her creative repertoire.

Napa, CA

My Story

Laura’s Story

Laura Cameron has turned grooming from a side gig, into a mainstay that lights people up. As her horse-clipping skills grew, she used them more as part of her job as a riding instructor. Laura is proof that creativity resides in all of us, and it has the potential to make people's lives better.

Atlanta, GA

My Favorite Andis Tool

Adrian’s Story

I am loving the Pulse ZR II. I love how lightweight it is, and the speed options. It saves me 30 minutes per groom. I was in the market for something cordless, and this tool makes life much easier. Just remember to charge it between grooms.

Hamilton, OH

My Story

Rachel’s Story

Rachel Vedder helps three sides of the grooming community: The pets, the groomers and the customers. Her success comes from being able to navigate all these groups, providing high-quality experience for her pets, a detailed and collaborative effort for her clients, and knowledge for her fellow groomers. She takes every moment as a learning opportunity, and invests in herself for her future.

Pace , FL

My Creation / My Style

Gloria’s Story

The Pup Relief Tour was a special moment in Gloria Hardaway's career. She experienced the potential of the creative grooming community in full, and it continues to inspire Gloria's giving nature as she helps her community navigate a pandemic

Richfield, MN

My Story

Melissa’s Story

Working with naughty dogs is my passion. When someone has a dog that is difficult to work with, I will try to correct their behavior over time and gain their trust. A Shih Tzu came to me that had never let its previous groomers clean out his eye corners.

Artesia, NM

My Story

Tosha’s Story

Like most creatives, Tasha Montoya has a perfectionist streak in her. While a desire to get every cut perfect is great to have, it can create a lot of stress. Tasha's ability to put the focus on the pets and make them the priority enables her to find enjoyment and purpose in every groom.

Seattle, WA

My Favorite Andis Tool

Lauren’s Story

My favorite Andis tools are the undercoat rakes. If you need to get out a ton of undercoat, these are the best ones I've found. My old boss had one, and let me use it to de-shed a golden retriever and, right after I finished, I ordered my own.

Anaheim, CA

My Story

Rose’s Story

Groomers can be a big part of a pet's life. Rose Agracewicz cherishes the groomer-pet relationships. Over time, Rose is able to learn the intricacies of each pet, and add tremendous value to their lives. Like most relationships, you get out what you put in. Rose puts kindness, care and respect into her pets and clients, and gets rewarding feelings back.

Mount Holly, NJ

My Story

Melissa’s Story

Melissa Fuda a true creative professional. She combines creative vision, skills, and attention to detail to make the grooming experience stress-free, transparent and beautiful for her clients and their pets.

Freeport , NY

My Story

Crystal’s Story

Crystal Gause-Moore's grooming career has taken her from Petco to the founding of her own shop. She's learned patience and persistence, mastering her craft in the face of struggle. Fourteen years after grooming for the first time, Crystal continues to be inspired by other creators and their successes, channeling that inspiration into the grooming experience at Buttaz Puppy Cutz.

Green Bay, WI

My Story

Brooke’s Story

Brooke Terrabrio loves how rewarding grooming can be, but recognizes that it is easy to get caught up in what other people are doing. Her recommendation to other groomers is to stop comparing yourself to others, learn at your own pace, and embrace your own style. It allows you to enjoy your creativity and to share it with the world without getting caught up in the game of expectations.

Salt Lake City, UT

How I give Back

Kait’s Story

For Kait Cruz, an important part of rescuing horses is the grooming process. Over the years, she has experienced some incredible transformations. It's a rewarding experience for Kait because she sees the impact her creativity has on animals with every rescue and groom.

Northridge, CA

My Shop / Salon

Elita’s Story

Elita Galiamova of Elita's Grooming grows with each one of her grooms. She sees education as a means to expand her creative capabilities, and a way to make dogs' lives more enjoyable. She likes to make the education experience at Elita's grooming holistic, even bringing in her customers so they understand the importance of grooming. When you learn as much as Elita, consistent quality output is almost guaranteed.

Chicago, IL

My Story

Darius’s Story

When Darius left the salon that taught him his craft, there was a sense of sadness and finality he couldn't shake. But, Darius knew that if you never take risk, you'll never know the rewards. Now an Andis groomer, Darius puts what he learned to the test every day, and becomes a better, more well-rounded groomer. Darius takes inspiration from other groomers, especially Asian groomers, who inspire him to keep growing and evolving, only further fueling his passion for grooming!

Elk Grove, CA

My Story

Tristian’s Story

Tristian Ranson is the owner of The Pet Spa at Laguna and the winner of HBO Max's 'Haute Dog' TV series. Tristain has been a professional groomer for seven years and knows the importance of keeping an open mind and letting your creativity shine. Tristain uses his favorite tool, the Andis Pulse ZR II to create his jaw dropping cuts and give his furry clients a little extra style.

Oakley, CA

My Story

Danielle’s Story

Danielle Javier takes her job as a groomer seriously. She sees every cut and groom as an opportunity to grow and hone her craft. Danielle is always learning and open to the suggestions and criticism of her peers, in order to deliver her best work to the client. Danielle takes pride in teaching her clients new skills or alerting them to potential dangers regarding their pets health. This is when she feels her best, and knows her work is making a difference!

Kearny, NJ

My Shop / Salon

Ingrid’s Story

Ingrid opened her grooming shop, 'Oh My Dog' in 2011, and has put her passion for grooming into the business ever since. When Ingrid was asked to be an Andis ambassador, she knew her hard work had paid off, and her talents were recognized.

Boone, NC

My Story

Daniel’s Story

With over 14 years in the cattle and livestock grooming business, Daniel Brown knows a thing or two about how to succeed in the industry. Daniel's biggest inspiration comes from teaching the younger generation of cattle groomers, and sharing the wisdom he has learned throughout his career. Daniel teaches the kids grooming using his favorite Andis product, the Medium Blending Detachable Blade.